List of supplied products

List of supplied products and additional equipment for MI-8/17/171 helicopters and their modifications

TV3-117VM ser.02 Engine

SAFIR 5K / G MI Auxiliary power unit

8M-1500-000SB Reinforced transmission

8АМТ-6820-00-01 / 02 Dust protection device

BP-14 Main gearbox

8A-6311-00 ser.4 Fan

8A-6314-00 Fan drive cardan shaft

8-1930-000 ser. 02 main rotor hub

8-1960-000 Swashplate

8АТ-2710-00 Main rotor blades (5 pcs.)

246-3904-000 ser.01 Screw steering

8АМТ-1250-00 Anti-vibration device

ETSN91S Electrically driven centrifugal pump

463B Electrically driven centrifugal pump

766300A-1-T Float valve

768600MA Overhead Crane

610200A Electric magnetic crane

637000 bypass valve

633630 Overhead Crane

601100-1 Drain valve

636700А Drain valve

5349T air-oil radiator unit

KAU-115AM Combined control unit

8D2.966.017-2 Hydraulic filter

FG11BN Hydraulic fine filter

EMT-2M Electromagnetic brake

GA-77V Automatic Discharge Pump

GA-74M / 5 Two-position crane

GA192T Electric magnetic tap

GA172-00-2 / T Batcher

NSh39M gear pump

OK-10A Check Valve

GA-59/1 Emergency Power Valve

MP-100M ser.2 Electromechanism

PR 15.875-2300-1-67 Chain, 67 links

RU-2 Handle

SPUU-52 Moving stop system

595Х185 model 14 Front chassis tire

865Х280 model 1A Main chassis tire

8A-4101-00B-1 Shock absorber of the main chassis

8А-4101-00Б-2 Shock absorber of the main chassis

8A-4201-00A Lever Amorthyka front chassis

AK-50T1 ser.3 Compressor

V8BP.000 Glass viewing lateral (right)

V8BP.000-01 Glass viewing lateral (left)

K2116 Non-brake wheel for tire size 595 * 185

KT97-310 Wheel for tire size 865 * 280

KT97-220-1 Wheel Brake

КТ97-220-2 Wheel brake

UP25 / 2 Reducing Valve

UPOZ / 2M Reducing Accelerator

B24-4301-100-7 Shock absorber tail

1-4-4 fire extinguisher

1919T control valve

DV-302T Electric Fan

EV-0,7-1640 Electric Fan

OP1-2,0-20-30 Fire extinguisher manual

SSP-FC ser.2 Fire Alarm System

TER-1M Temperature Controller

AT-8-3 Autotransformer

EPK-2T-60 Wiper electromechanism

PMK-21TV ser.3 Program mechanism

TSV36M313 Current Collector

8АТ-7420 Tail screw current pickup

CO-121VM var. "A" Ice Detector

TV-19T Air Thermometer

GT40PCh8V Alternator

RM-355G mounting frame

BRN120T5A-3S Block of regulation of tension

BZUNP355G Protection and control unit

BTT40BT Current Transformer Unit

BCHF-208 Phase Interleaver

TC310S04B Transformer

TR-115/36 Step-down transformer

PTS-800BM Three-phase static converter

SPO-9 Single-phase static converter

АПШ-3М Automatic tire switching

BSGO400A Block

VU-6B Rectifier

DMR-200VU Complex apparatus

APD-78A Automatic Engine Start

20NKBN-25-TD-U3 rechargeable battery

SHRAP-500K Plug plug airfield power supply

SHRAP-400-3F Plug plug airfield power supply

SBC lamp cabin

SM-1BM Lamp

TR-100/2 Transformer adjusting

CAC-4-9 Warning and Notification Alarm System

PBS-1 Ceiling

P-39 Ceiling

FR-100 Headlight

BANO-64 Airborne navigation light

HS-62 Tail Fire

FPP-7M landing search headlight

MSL-3-2S Beacon signal

OPS-57 Battle lights

TN-115-7,5 Transformer

S-1 Siren

7-K-991 (EXR-46) Cassette


UI1-3K (RC) Pointer

ID-3 Inductive Sensor

ITE-1T Indicator

D-1M U2 Primary converter

IP-21-15 Indicator of position of mobile elements

DS-11 Sensor selsyny

PT-12-6 ser.2 Temperature controller

P-77 var.2 temperature receiver

IKD27Da-220-780 Measuring pressure complex

IR-117M Mode meter

ITE-2T Indicator

D-2M U2 Primary converter

2IA-6 Dual measuring equipment

IV-500E ser.2 Vibration monitoring equipment

UI3-3K (RC) Pointer

IMD-8 Induction Sensor

P-1 oil temperature receiver

UI3-6K (RC) Pointer

ID-8 Induction Sensor

TUE-48 Universal Electrical Resistance Thermometer

SKES-2027B var. 2 Kerosene

SD-29A Pressure Alarm

MST-25A Pressure Alarm

MST-30A Pressure Alarm

MVU-100K Air Pressure Gauge

MA-60 Aviation manometer

VF-0.4-150 Voltmeter

B-1 Voltmeter

A-2 Ammeter

AF1-150 Ammeter

TF1-75.150 / 1A Transformer

TF1-25.50.100 / 1A Transformer

UI1-100K (RC) Pointer

ID-100 Inductive Sensor

AP-34B ser.2 Autopilot

6S2.553.002 Compensation sensor

BF-34 part A Filter unit

BS-34-01 Communication Unit

TV-45K Thermometer

KZSP Corrector-unit gauge speed

BSG signal readiness block

AGB-96D Navigator

AGB-96R Navigator

GMK-1GE Course system

UGR-4UK ser.3 Index

KI-13K Magnetic Compass

BKK-18 control block roll

SNP-1 Power failure alarm

VK-53E-RV correction switch

VD-10VK 2 ser. Altimeter

US-450K 2 ser. (US-450KA) Airspeed indicator

VAR-30MK ser.4 Membrane variometer

PVD-6M Air pressure receiver

623700-3 static pressure switching valve

ASFS-1MK Aviation clock

BUR-1-2 ser.2 Airborne registration device

M11A Module

MP-95 +/- 1,5 Dutch