Guarantees for transactions

Guarantees for transactions

Secure transaction and about the service of ARMADA GUARANTEES

A secure transaction is a buyer and seller protection service on an equal footing.

A secure transaction guarantees 100% prepayment, which is stored on the ARMADA GUARANTEES account, until the seller fulfills all his obligations, and the buyer does not receive the products or services.

Also, a secure transaction ensures the safety of the buyer's funds: if the seller violates the terms of the transaction, ARMADA GUARANTEES returns the funds or offers a discount to the buyer.

    Stages and protection of the transaction.
  • 1. The customer and the seller have agreed on the purchase of goods
  • 2. The customer transfers money for the products with the commission of the service to a special account ARMADA GUARANTEES
  • 3. Sending (delivery) of products to the customer
  • 4. The customer receives the delivered products and notifies the administrator of the service ARMADA GUARANTEES
  • 5. ARMADA GUARANTEES transfers money to the seller