Guarantees for transactions

ARMADA GUARANTEE is an independent third party and an objective arbiter in resolving disputes between customers and sellers.

If the product or service does not match the previously stated characteristics, the customer can claim the seller. In this case, the money will be transferred to the seller only after the parties reach an agreement and the claim will be withdrawn.

To resolve any disputes arising, parties may agree to return the products or to get a discount on the products already shipped. In this case, the money will either be returned to the buyer, or a part of the amount that the parties agreed among themselves will be refunded.

The ARMADA GUARANTEE arbitration team helps resolve a dispute by conducting an independent investigation. Evaluation of the situation and making a decision are carried out exclusively on the basis of documented facts. As an independent party we have no interest to decide in favor of any parties.

If the parties cannot agree among themselves then any of the parties may apply to the Arbitration Court. The court will carefully examine all the circumstances of the dispute and make its decision within a few days. The court decision will be binding on all parties to the dispute and in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation cannot be appealed.